CONNECT-Transmod is an upscaling utility to restore the fine
In principle, upscaling introduces losses of heterogeneity and connectivity. These are minimized using appropriate upscaling design. Nevertheless, even for 2 layer combinations, these losses are inevitable. Artifical fluid flow was introduced in the coarse scale model due to upscaling. CONNECT-Transmod address this issue and provide transmissibility adjustment to reduce or eliminate the problem.
Download CONNECT-UpGrid / TransMod Brochure

Upscaling Challenge for Maintaining Connectivity

Transferring fine scale grids to coarse scale grid requires upscaling of fine scale properties. Upscaling individual coarse grids may not allow you to properly account for connectivity across these grids based on fine scale model. This can result in overly optimistic performance when the model is coarsened. CONNECT-TransMod provides a simple procedure where the fine scale transmissibilites are preserved in an upscaled model. Running the program provides modified transmissibilites which can be used as an input a flow simulator, such as ECLIPSE/VIP. Adjusting connectivity results in significant improvements in preserving fine scale dynamic behavior in the upscaled model. Using this model in association with CONNECT-UpGrid would allow the user to significantly upscale geological models while preserving their dynamic characteristics.

Output of CONNECT-Transmod is Input for Flow Simulator

Upon completing connectivity evaluation in the fine scale model, CONNECT-Transmod produces 3D properties (transmissibility or transmissibility multipliers in x,y,z directions) within the coarse scale model. These properties can be visualized in PETREL. Subsequently, they can be exported to any flow simulator to correct the transmissibility calculated by the simulator during flow simulation run.

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