CONNECT-DynaRank is Petrel plug-in for ranking of multiple realizations based on dynamic criteria. The program calculates dynamic connectivity of each models based on the diffusive time of flight-DTOF from Fast Marching Method.

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What is Dynamic Ranking ?

CONNECT-DynaRank is an efficient program to rank multiple static models based on dynamic criteria. The program evaluates the dynamically connected volume of each model after efficiently calculating 3D propagation time distribution. This distribution shows a direct reflection of model’s heterogeneity while the dynamic volume shows strong linear relationship with the recovery.


Dynamic Ranking with LINK-WellOpt and Future Status of CONNECT-DynaRank

CONNECT-DynaRank is the first program that was developed based on Fast Marching Method (FMM) to rank multiple realizations. In 2016, we have decided to build a separate new Petrel plug-in that significantly improve the way the FMM is calculated as well as added much more feature compare to what it does with CONNECT-DynaRank. The new plug-in is named as LINK-WellOpt. In the near future, we will completely replace CONNECT-DynaRank with LINK-WellOpt. Therefore, current user of CONNECT-DynaRank is recommended to upgrade their program into LINK-WellOpt.

Where can I get more info to acquire/test this plug-in?