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What is CONNECT-PermMatch ?

CONNECT-PermMatch is a new Petrel Plug-in that helps reservoir modelers integrate well test data into the static model to improve the quality of the permeability model by matching the flow capacity of the model with the test data.

CONNECT-PermMatch improves the permeability model by adjusting  the original permeability with the mismatch of flow capacity between the model and the engineering data.

CONNECT-PermMatch eliminates arbitrary adjustments of permeability, which create discontinuity in permeability distribution, during the history matching conventionally done by reservoir simulation engineers.

What is the Motivation?

  • Engineering Data is rarely integrated into the static model.
  • Absence of Engineering Data makes permeability model less realistic for flow simulation.
  • This leads to arbitrary adjustments of permeability during history matching.

What is the Approach?

The overall objective of CONNECT-PermMatch is to obtain the updated permeability distribution that matches the flow capacity (kh) at well locations while maintaining the continuity of the updated permeability to be consistent with the original permeability. This is done by first calculating the kh of the model (zone-by-zone) and calculating the ratio, R, between well test kh and model kh. The R value signifies the mismatch between the two data. The value of R at each well location is mapped throughout the reservoir using kriging interpolation. This is to ensure a smooth distribution of the mismatch. The map of R is finally used to update the original permeability distribution.

What are the Inputs?

  • Selected Wells from Petrel Input Pane
  • Permeability from 3D Grid model
  • kh data per well per zone from well testing data

What are the Outputs?

  • Map of kh Ratio
  • Updated Permeability model, as new 3D Property
  • Histogram of kh Ratio (original and updated)

Where can I get more info to acquire/test this plug-in?